Vortex - Vincent Houdijk & VinnieVibes (digital album only) CHECK THE NOTES

Vortex - Vincent Houdijk & VinnieVibes (digital album only) CHECK THE NOTES


There are no physical version of Vortex anymore since. Vortex is sold-out!

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Vortex is a live album by Vincent Houdijk & VinnieVibes and was recorded on the 14th of October 2015 in the fabulous jazz venue The Paradox in Tilburg (NL). Vortex was made possible thanks to many fans that supported this project thru a Crowdfunding Campaign on Voordekunst.nl

Vortex was composed by Vincent Houdijk as a means to create a new program for the nationwide tour that Vincent Houdijk won after being awarded as ‘Most Promising Jazz Talent of the Netherlands’ in 2016. Together with VinnieVibes they performed and released this album in all the major jazz venues.

Vortex is a twister that moves in a circle and is also an energetic therapy form. Vortex Healing is something where Vincent got in touch with since 2012 and after following several courses he became a Vortex Healer. Since then he has helped many people release many issues and blockings. More info: Vortexhealings.nl

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In 2016, vibraphonist Vincent Houdijk was awarded the ‘Young VIP jazz award’ and was therefor declared ‘most promising jazz talent in the netherlands’. this award won him a nationwide tour performing at all the top dutch jazz venues such as the bimhuis in amsterdam, lantarenvenster in rotterdam and the paradox in tilburg. Houdijk has worked with, among others, Sean Jones, Eric Vloeimans, Remy van Kesteren, Wouter Hamel, the Residentie Orkest and Metropole Orkest. His band Vincent Houdijk & VinnieVibes is intense, dynamic and irresistible. This year, they performed at the world renowned North Sea Jazz festival and recorded their third album there. Bandleader Houdijk draws inspiration from everywhere – from pop to minimal music, and from jazz to world music. This allows him to create a personal, contemporary musical story, with a fine sense for harmony, melody and swing. The other members of the band on this album are: Floris van der Vlugt (saxophone), Aron Raams (guitar), Sven Happel (bass), and Haye Jellema (drums), and they are all given plenty of space. Together they create a warm, deep and highly adventurous sound that entrances audiences, time and again.

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