Vincent Houdijk

is one of the most versatile music artists in The Netherlands with an average of between 100 and 150 concerts annually. The combination of his classical and jazz studies gave him an incredibly open and wide view on music which. always open for all kinds of music collaborations and styles Vincent Houdijk is without doubt a very open and even so spiritually minded music artist and teacher.

In 2007 vincent created his band VinnieVibes; an intense, dynamic and irresistible band which is highly appreciated by their fans and many music programmers. This year Vincent Houdijk & VinnieVibes performed at the world famous North Sea Jazz Festival and they recorded their third album there during this live performance.

Houdijk has worked with, among others:

Sean Jones,

Roberto Quintero,

Luisito Quintero,

Eric Vloeimans,

Bart Wirtz,

Arthur Jussen,

Lucas Jussen,

Remy van Kesteren,

Wouter Hamel,

Kyteman (Hip Hop Orchestra),

Mathilde Santing,

the Residentie Orkest,

the world famous Metropole Orchestra. 

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In 2016, vibraphonist Vincent Houdijk was awarded the ‘Young VIP jazz award’ and was therefor declared ‘most promising jazz talent in the netherlands’. this award won him a nationwide tour performing at all the top dutch jazz venues such as the bimhuis in amsterdam, lantarenvenster in rotterdam and the paradox in tilburg. Houdijk has worked with, among others, Sean Jones, Eric Vloeimans, Remy van Kesteren, Wouter Hamel, the Residentie Orkest and Metropole Orkest. His band Vincent Houdijk & VinnieVibes is intense, dynamic and irresistible. This year, they performed at the world renowned North Sea Jazz festival and recorded their third album there. Bandleader Houdijk draws inspiration from everywhere – from pop to minimal music, and from jazz to world music. This allows him to create a personal, contemporary musical story, with a fine sense for harmony, melody and swing. The other members of the band are: Floris van der Vlugt (saxophone), Gerson Raams (guitar), Sven Happel (bass), and Haye Jellema (drums), and they are all given plenty of space. Together they create a warm, deep and highly adventurous sound that entrances audiences, time and again.

“… Vincent Houdijk is a vibraphonist for the 21st century. At times sedate, at others wildly inventive, it seems as if he's attempting to redefine the instrument's place in contemporary jazz. Further commendable is that he manages to do so without the benefit of modern sound-manipulating computer software, instead opting to utilize VinnieVibes' unique European flair both in studio and on stage. While comparisons to vibe greats such as Bobby Hutcherson and Milt Jackson are unfair today, there is little doubt that the talented young vibraphonist deserves and aspires to one day have the kind of recognition they enjoyed…” — Peter Hoetjes for All About Jazz Magazine

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RIk Cornelissen

Vincent Houdijk

MAciej Domaradzki




A fascinating trio consisting of virtuous and curious musicians on accordion, vibraphone and double bass that has its own unique, radiant and in some moments timeless sound. The music of TRIFID implements and fuses different styles such as; classical, tango, world music, jazz and more. They stand out in their sound concepts and add different soloists like Teus Nobel (trumpet) and Oene van Geel (viola) to their timbre. 

Rik Cornelissen, Vincent Houdijk en Maciej Domaradzki started their group TRIFID in 2017 after performing at the RABO Jazz Festival with guest soloist Teus Nobel. This collaboration was an instant, deep connection from the first note that they played! Since that concert the trio has been developing themselves by creating compositions for this specific ensemble. In 2018 they released their first album ‘Dreamscape’ which was recorded during their live concert in the Beauforthuis in Austerlitz.